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West Virginia Earth Symbols

West Virginia State Fossil

One symbol that towers over all the others is West Virginia’s state rock, bituminous coal. Coal is a rock formed from the remains of prehistoric plants. That makes it a very educational symbol.

Sadly, coal mining has destroyed vast areas in the Appalachians, however. Coal miners may even blow up entire mountain tops.

West Virginia is one of several states nicknamed The Switzerland of America. However, there are no glaciers in West Virginia.

There were lots of glaciers during the Ice Age, though. West Virginia’s state fossil is a ground sloth that lived during the Ice Age. Its scientific name honors President Thomas Jefferson, who was a great naturalist. But did you know that he also owned slaves?

Soil ˆ

West Virginia Farm

There’s little room for agriculture in rugged West Virginia. In areas where slopes are mild, the presence of West Virginia’s official state soil, Monongahela Silt Loam, can turn a barren slope into prime farmland. Corn, soy beans, and wheat are among the crops commonly grown on Monongahela soils.

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