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Wisconsin State Mammal

Wisconsin’s state symbols revolve around two main themes, mining and agriculture. These themes inspired the nicknames Badger State and America’s Dairyland. Mining can be seen as a symbol of the past, while agriculture represents Wisconsin today. But what about the future?

Wisconsin State Mammal

In fact, the future is represented by Wisconsin’s state motto, “Forward.” The motto is displayed on Wisconsin’s state seal above a badger, which is the state animal. We might guess that the badger is thus a symbol of the future.

Wisconsin Coat of ArmsCoat of Arms

However, the badger can also be seen as a symbol of the present. After all, badgers inhabit the grasslands where so many cornfields and dairy farms have sprouted.

But take a closer look; the badger is also a symbol of the past. In fact, it’s a symbol of mining! Our magical badger thus represents the past, present, and future.

The popular white-tailed deer is Wisconsin’s official wildlife animal. Wisconsin’s fourth official mammal, after the dairy cow, is its state dog, the American water spaniel.

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