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Vermont Cultural Symbols

Vermont’s official cultural symbols are as wholesome as they are distinctive.

Cultural Symbols  
Pie apple pie 1999
Flavor maple 1993
Beverage milk Redundant Symbol 1983
Winter Sports Skiing and snowboarding 2012
Fly-Fishing Fly Governor Aiken bucktail streamer 2014
Vermont Cultural Symbols

What could be more wholesome than milk and apple pie, the official beverage and pie? Though milk ranks among the most redundant state symbols, only Vermont calls apple pie a state symbol.

Vermont’s official winter sports, skiing and snowboarding, are more than wholesome. They’re healthier than apple pie. In this era of genetically modified food and processed foods, they’re probably healthier than milk as well.

Vermont also has an official fly-fishing fly, the Governor Aiken bucktail streamer. No other state has such a symbol.

Vermont’s state tree, the popular sugar maple, is pretty wholesome, too. Vermont is also the only state with an official flavor: maple. The connection to the state tree is obvious.

Vermont State Tree
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