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Virginia Political Symbols

Virginia scores lower than most states in the realm of political symbols.

Freedom Flag 2018
War Memorial Museum Virginia War Museum, Newport News 1997
Flag Salute 1954
Language English Redundant Symbol 1996
Virginia Political SymbolsReal patriots eat Pentagon Hot Dogs and freedom fries and fly the freedom flag!

Many misguided states have designated English their official language. Nor are official state flag salutes uncommon.

However, Virginia takes it a step further with an official war memorial museum. Then there’s Virginia’s official freedom flag.

The freedom flag is the creation of Richard Melito, who is best known as Richmond Virginia’s Hot Dog King. The flag commemorates the 9/11 terrorist attacks, helping to maintain the big lie that they were the work of Muslims.

Five white bars on the flag represent the Pentagon, which actually takes away our freedoms by spying on us and robbing us blind. To me, the white bars look like hot dogs. It looks like a flag some dipshit entrepreneur would fly over a hot dog stand.

Virginia also adopted an “Honor a Dummy” flag. Like, how many auxiliary flags do those morons need? Adding insult to injury, I believe the freedom flag and the honor a dummy flag are both copyrighted. Flags of the people, my ass.

If you want to practice your flag salutes, there are plenty of flags to practice on in Virginia. However, I would prefer to see people practice burning them.

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