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Utah Cultural Symbols

Utah’s roster of 11 official cultural symbols are amazingly diverse. Some are explored under symbols of the arts and political symbols.

Cultural Symbols  
Snack Food Jell-O 2001
Cooking Pot Dutch oven 1997
Winter Sports skiing and snowboarding 2012
Railroad Museum Ogden Union Station 1988
Tartan Centennial Tartan 1996
Hymn Utah, We Love Thee 2003
Folk Dance square dance Redundant Symbol 1994
Work of Land Art Spiral Jetty 2017
Work of Art Native American rock art 2017
Language English Redundant Symbol 2000
Firearm John M. Browning designed M1911 automatic pistol 2011
Utah Cultural Symbols

Utah shares its official cooking pot, the Dutch oven, with Arkansas and Texas. However, you don’t need a Dutch oven to prepare the unofficial snack food, Jell-O. Utahns reportedly consume more Jell-O per capita than residents of any other state.

In 2008, Colorado named skiing and snowboarding its official recreational sports. Four years later, skiing and snowboarding were adopted as Utah’s state sports. Were they adopted to help Utah’s tourism sector compete with Colorado? People with less energy can visit the official railroad museum, Ogden Union Station. The John M. Browning Firearms Museum is also located on the site, a reminder that railroads and gunpowder both helped conquer (and destroy) the West.

Utah adopted an official centennial tartan in 1996. The design honors the first two fur trappers to enter Utah. Ephraim Logan was an early visitor to Cache Valley in northern Utah in 1824, naming the river after his clan/family name.

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