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Texas Political Symbols

Texas has some odious political symbols. Yet those bombastic Texas rednecks showed surprising restraint compared to the Carolinas, Tennessee, and maybe even liberal Massachusetts.

Ship U.S.S. Texas 1995
Air Force Confederate Air Force 1989
Flag Pledge 1933
Handgun Colt Walker 2021
Texas Political SymbolsThe knife pictured above is on display at the Alamo.

Forget the official flag salute. Texas followed Arizona and other copycat states in adopting an official handgun. Its official state ship is a war ship, not a graceful sailing ship. Texas is the only state with an official air force (the Confederate Air Force).

Texas has an official hero (track star Carl Lewis), domino game (42) and two official ships.

However, we might take some solace in the fact that Texas’ political symbols aren’t as wretched as Tennessee’s. Unlike the Carolinas, Texas has no official military academy. Even liberal Massachusetts has more official monuments to war than Texas.

However, it isn’t for want of trying. Bids to designate the cannon and Bowie knife Texas symbols failed, fortunately.

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