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Tennessee Earth Symbols

Tennessee Earth Symbols

Tennessee’s official gem is a bit of a surprise: the Tennessee pearl. However, the state rock is just what you’d expect, limestone.

Earth Symbols
Gem Tennessee pearl (Unionoida) 1979
Rock limestone 1979
Mineral agate 1969
Fossil † Pterotrigonia thoracica 1998
Soil Dickson 1998

Agate was designated the official mineral.

Fossil ˆ

Tennessee State Fossil(By Hectonichus – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0link; Note: I modified the background.)

Like the state gem, Tennessee’s state fossil is a souvenir of bivalves. Its scientific name is Pterotrigonia thoracica. Far from the oldest state fossil, it lived during the Cretaceous Period when dinosaurs still stalked the land.

Soil ˆ

Tennessee’s official state soil is Dickson. Corn and soybeans are the principal crops grown on Dickson soils, which cover about 400,000 acres in Tennessee.

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