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South Carolina Cultural Symbols

South Carolina has a couple dozen official cultural symbols, some of which are explored under symbols of the arts and political symbols. If you’re looking for additional information, you can check out my books.

Cultural Symbols  
Colors indigo blue 2009
Snack Food boiled peanuts 2006
Picnic Cuisine barbecue 2014
Beverage milk Redundant Symbol 1984
Hospitality Beverage tea 1995
Tartan Carolina Tartan 2002
The Botanical Garden at Clemson University Clemson Botanical Garden 1992
Hall of Fame South Carolina Hall of Fame, Myrtle Beach Convention Center 2001
Railroad Museum South Carolina Railroad Museum, Fairfield County 1997
Tobacco Museum Tobacco Museum in the City of Mullins 2004
The State Music The Spiritual 1999
Popular Music beach music 2001
Home of the Beach Music Hall of Fame Coastal Carolina University 2009
Song South Carolina on My Mind 1984
Waltz Richardson Waltz 2000
Opera Porgy and Bess 2001
Rural Drama Center Abbeville Opera House 2001
Dance shag 1984
American Folk Dance square dance Redundant Symbol 1994
Tapestry From the Mountains to the Sea 2000
Lowcountry Handcraft sweetgrass basket 2006
Folk Art and Crafts Center South Carolina Artisans Center, Walterboro 2000
Military Academy Camden Military Academy 2001
Flag Pledge 1966
Language English Redundant Symbol 1987
South Carolina Cultural Symbols

South Carolina has more than two dozen “cultural symbols.”

Four symbols fall in the food and drink category. The official snack food is boiled peanuts, while barbecue is the official picnic cuisine.

South Carolina is one of many states that call milk their official beverage. More interesting is its official hospitality beverage, tea.

Tea was first grown in the United States in the coastal plain near Charleston, South Carolina. The descendants of the original plants have been restored to their former grandeur at the Charleston Tea Plantation.

South Carolina is one of several states with a mystery tartan. The Carolina tartan represents South and North Carolina both. But is it really the state tartan?

There are allegations of fraud. However, I haven’t solved this mini-conspiracy.

You can see a picture of the Carolina Tartan at

Below is my vision of a South Carolina tartan. Green represents South Carolina’s forests and the state tree. Yellow represents the state flower and wildflower, the Carolina jessamine and goldenrod, along with the official fruit, the peach.

Blue represents the sea and South Carolina’s official state stone, blue granite. Gold and white represent the state’s beautiful beaches. Gold further suggests tea and sweetgrass baskets.

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