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Rhode Island Cultural Symbols

Tiny Rhode Island has nine relatively distinctive official cultural symbols.

Cultural Symbols  
Appetizer calamari 2012
Drink coffee milk 1993
Tartan 2000
Yacht Courageous 2000
Flagship & Tall Ship Ambassador Replica of the Continental sailing vessel known as “Providence” 1992
Sailing Educational Vessel SSV Oliver Hazard Perry 2013
March Rhode Island 1996
Folk Art The Charles I.D. Looff Carousel (also known as the Crescent Park Carousel) 1985
Flag Pledge 1910
Rhode Island Cultural Symbols

Tiny Rhode Island has three official ships, more than almost any other state.

The official flagship is a replica of the Providence. During the Revolutionary War, the Providence captured or sank 40 British ships. The ship was eventually sank by its own crew to prevent its capture by the British.

Rhode Island also has an official yacht (Courageous) and sailing educational vessel (SSV Oliver Hazard Perry).

Rhode Island’s official appetizer, calamari, is another symbol of the sea. Calamari is another name for squid. More precisely, squid dishes are called calamari.

You can wash down your calamari with coffee milk, the official state drink.

Just for fun, you can ride a genuine Charles I.D. Looff Carousel, the official state folk art. Charles Looff was an American master carver and builder of hand-carved carousels and amusement rides. He built over 40 carousels, along with several amusement parks and numerous roller coasters and Ferris wheels.

Symbols of The Arts

If you get tired of listening to Rhode Island’s state song, “Rhode Island’s It For Me,” you can try the official march, “Rhode Island.”

Rhode Island is also among the states with an official tartan and flag pledge. People who don’t like to salute flags can just ignore that last symbol.


My vision of a Rhode Island tartan prominently features gold and white from the state flag along with red, recalling the origin of the state’s name.

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