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New Hampshire State Mammal

New Hampshire has three official mammals, two wild and one domestic.

State mammal

The state animal is the white-tailed deer, a species adopted by a dozen states stretching west into Nebraska and Oklahoma.

The bobcat was adopted as the official wildcat in 2015. The bobcat is the mascot of the University of New Hampshire, yet it was once almost extinct in the state.

New Hampshire State Mammal

The Chinook is New Hampshire’s official dog. The Chinook is a sled and work dog developed in New Hampshire during the early 20th century. The breed was born when a husky from the Peary North Pole expedition was crossbred with a large, tawny mastiff-like male. A pup named “Chinook” became the primary ancestor of the breed.

Chinook was lost on the 1929 Byrd Antarctic expedition.
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