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Montana Political Symbols

Wow, four official veterans’ memorials. Where are we, in liberal Massachusetts?

Language (State/Local Government) English Redundant Symbol 1995
Veterans’s Memorial Rose Garden Missoula Memorial Rose Garden 1999
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans’ Memorial Grateful Nation Montana Memorial 2013
Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial 1987
Korean War Veterans’ Memorial Korean War Veterans’ Memorial, Butte 1997
Montana Political Symbols

One right-wing legislator even wanted to designate the Winchester a state symbol.

It would be interesting to know how many innocent people Montanas slaughtered in Vietnam, Korea, and Afghanistan. How about a Foreign Children Killed by Montanans Memorial?

The irony is that no nation has ever invaded Montana except the United States. It was in Montana that Sioux warriors taught General George Armstrong Custer a lesson in humility.

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