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Montana Cultural Symbols

Montana boasts nearly a dozen official cultural symbols, quite a roster for a Great Plains state. Unfortunately, most are predictably redneck symbols. In fact, several are discussed under political symbols.

Cultural Symbols  
Cowboy Hall of Fame Wolfe Point 2003
Arboretum University of Montana, Missoula 1991
Firefighter’s Memorial Firefighters’ Memorial Park 2003
Medal of Valor 1985
Ballad Montana Melody 1983
Lullaby Montana Lullaby 2007
Language (State/Local Government) English Redundant Symbol 1995
Veterans’s Memorial Rose Garden Missoula Memorial Rose Garden 1999
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans’ Memorial Grateful Nation Montana Memorial 2013
Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial 1987
Korean War Veterans’ Memorial Korean War Veterans’ Memorial, Butte 1997
Montana Cultural Symbols

The only symbols that look halfway interesting to me are the official Cowboy Hall of Fame at Wolfe Point and the official ballad (“Montana Melody”) and lullaby (“Montana Lullaby”). The official arboretum might be worth visiting if you’re ever passing through Missoula.

After checking out Montana’s political symbols, you may begin to wonder if the scenery looks better on the way out.

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