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Maine State Mammal

Next to the white pine and North Star, Maine’s most important symbol of Nature is probably the moose. The moose is the state animal and is also featured on the state seal. The moose also represents Alaska.

Maine State Mammal

Maine is one of three states with an official cat—and it probably isn’t a cat you’ve ever heard of.

The thick-furred Maine coon cat is considered a native breed, but its origins are a mystery. It is commonly believed that it derives from matings between short-haired domestic cats and long-haired cats from overseas. The longhairs were likely introduced by New England seamen, but they could have even been introduced by Vikings.

On the other hand, Viking settlements in the New World disappeared a long time ago. If they left cats behind, it’s hard to imagine who took care of them, unless they were able to survive in the wild.

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