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Massachusetts Political Symbols

When it comes to celebrating war, liberal Massachusetts may be ahead of red-necked Montana. Just take a look at that roster of symbols below.

Language English Redundant Symbol 1975
Peace Statue Orange Peace Statue
Veterans of Southeast Asia War Monument Worcester, Desert Calm Committee, Inc. 1993
Vietnam War Memorial Memorial in Worcester 1990
MIA/POW Memorial Massachusetts National Cemetery MIA/POW Memorial
Korean War Memorial Charlestown Navy Yard Korean War Memorial
Massachusetts State Bird

The one bright spot is the official peace statue, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s kind of like creating half a dozen memorials honoring rapists, then adopting an official anti-rape poster. In fact, the Orange Peace Statue was built in the town of Orange in recognition of veterans who served in World War I. So how did sticking America’s big nose in Europe’s business foster peace?

Ironically, “the war to end all wars” only paved the way for an even bigger war, World War II. Another irony: After leading his country into war, pResident Woodrow Wilson was given the Nobel Peace Prize! Massachusetts’ official peace statue is thus a blazing monument to hypocrisy.

Instead of vandalizing Confederate symbols, maybe someone should start blowing up war memorials in Massachusetts, which still flies one of the most racist state flags to boot.

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