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Louisiana Symbols of the Arts

Louisiana has ten official symbols that we might classify as symbols of the arts.

Song You Are My Sunshine 1977
March Song Louisiana My Home Sweet Home 1952
Environmental Song The Gifts of Earth 1990
Hurricane Katrina Song Come Back to Louisiana 2006
Musical Instrument diatonic accordion 1990
American Folk Dance square dance Redundant Symbol 1999
Cultural Poem I Am Louisiana 2006
Senate Poem Leadership 1999
Judicial Poem America, We the People 1995
Painting Louisiana 1995
Louisiana Symbols of the Arts

Four of them are songs. (I’m not including the state song proper, which I classified as a symbol of state.) These are complemented by three official poems.

For me, the most interesting symbols of the arts are the musical instrument (diatonic accordion) and painting, which depicts all of Louisiana’s state symbols. I’ll pass on the square dance, which represents far too many states to be meaningful.

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