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Iowa Earth Symbols

Iowa State Mineral(Geode bridge: Jo Naylor, CC BY 2.0link.)

The geode was adopted as Iowa’s state rock. A geode is a rock with a hard outer crust but a hollow interior that has been filled with crystals (usually quartz and calcite).

Iowa is famous for its beautiful geodes. They are especially associated with southeastern Iowa. In fact, one of the most productive and famous geode collecting regions in the world lies within a 35-mile radius of Keokuk, Iowa. Rock collectors commonly refer to geodes from this region as “Keokuk geodes.”

One can even visit Geode State Park in Henry County. And don’t miss Iowa’s beautiful Geode Bridge.

Fossil ˆ

Is Wikipedia still promoting the fabled T. rex as Iowa’s state fossil? If so, ignore it. Iowa doesn’t have an official fossil, and if it ever adopts one, it will almost certainly not be a dinosaur. As the people who write for WikiCrank should know, dinosaur fossils are extremely rare east of the Missouri River.

Soil ˆ

Iowa State Soil

Iowa’s most powerful symbol may be its unofficial soil, Tama. First identified in Black Hawk County, Tama soils form under tall prairie grasses.

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