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Iowa Cultural Symbols

Iowa has just two official cultural symbols, leaving little margin for error. Unfortunately, Iowans are batting 50/50 at best.

Cultural Symbols  
Tartan 2004
Language English Redundant Symbol 2002

The official language is English, one of the most obnoxious state symbols.

Iowa is also among the states with an official tartan. The design includes the colors yellow (representing corn and the state bird), green (corn and grass), tan and black (the earth and soils), red (barns and the state flower), blue (water and sky) and white (snow).

The tartan doesn’t appear to be in the public domain, but you can see a picture of it here. Why would a state adopt a tartan that isn’t even in the public domain?

Here’s a picture of my vision of an Iowa tartan. Green and yellow represent corn, with a touch of pink representing the state flower, the prairie rose.

Iowa State Tartan
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