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Georgia Political Symbols

Not all of Georgia’s symbols are as wholesome as peaches. Four symbols, in particular, range from lame to wretched.

Center for Character Education Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum 2003
Flag Pledge 1935
Creed Georgian’s Creed 1939
Language English Redundant Symbol 1996
Georgia: Political Symbols

The official language, English, is as obnoxious as it is redundant. Georgia is also one of several states that have an official flag pledge.

Even worse, Georgia legislators designated the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum the official “center for character education.” Is that some kind of joke?

In fact, the Mighty Eighth Air Force is one of the greatest killing machines ever created. Do we really want to associate death and destruction with character building?

Obedience training is bad enough. Some of Georgia’s symbols are seemingly designed to warp children’s minds.

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