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Georgia Earth Symbols

Georgia Earth SymbolsLeft to right: staurolite, shark tooth, and amethyst quartz.

Georgia has an official mineral (staurolite), gem (quartz) and fossil (shark teeth).

In a sense, Georgia has four official fishes. Its state fossil is the shark tooth.

The most unique is staurolite, which represents only Georgia. Because twin crystals are often found in cross shapes, staurolite crystals are commonly called “fairy crosses” or “fairy stones.”

Soil ˆ

Georgia State Soil

Tifton is Georgia’s unofficial state soil. Formed in loamy elements of marine origin, it is one of the best soils for cotton. Peanuts, soybeans, and corn are other important crops grown on Tifton soils, which account for 27% of Georgia’s prime farmland.

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