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Georgia Cultural Symbols

Georgia has more than two dozen official cultural symbols, focusing largely on food, the arts, and militarism. In fact, symbols of the arts and political symbols are explored on separate pages.

Cultural Symbols  
Prepared Food grits 2002
Beef Cook-Off Event Official State Barbecue Championship Cook-Off, Hawkinsville 1987
Pork Cook-Off Event Slosheye Trail Big Pig Jig 1997
Peanut Monument Turner County Peanut Monument 1998
Tartan Georgia Tartan 1997
Historic House Old Governor’s Mansion at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville 2016
School Plains High School 1997
Frontier and Southeastern Indian Interpretive Center The Funk Heritage/Bennett Center at Reinhardt College, Waleska
Transportation History Museum Southeastern Railway Museum 2000
Railroad Museum Historic Railroad Shops 1996
Dog adoptable dog 2016
Poultry Capital of the World Capital (Georgia) 1995
Ballet Atlanta Ballet 1973
Waltz Our Georgia 1951
Folk Dance square dance Redundant Symbol 1996
Historic Drama The Reach of Song 1990
Folk Life Play Swamp Gravy 1994
Theatre The Springer Opera House 1971
Musical Theatre Jekyll Island Musical Theatre Festival 1993
Georgia Folk Festival The Georgia Folk Festival 1992
‘Possum Pogo ’Possum (Didelphis-virginiana) 2002
Atlas Atlas of Georgia 1985
Art Museum Georgia Museum of Art 1982
Center for Character Education Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum 2003
Flag Pledge 1935
Creed Georgian’s Creed 1939
Language English Redundant Symbol 1996
Georgia Cultural SymbolsLeft to right: CG locomotive no. 223, built in 1907 and on display at Georgia’s State Railroad Museum (Historic Railroad Shops); grits; and adoptable dog.

Grits is Georgia’s official prepared food. Prepared by Native Americans centuries ago, grits have come to be identified with the South. Southern grits are bits of ground corn or hominy prepared as a simple breakfast dish or incorporated into gourmet recipes.

Warwick is billed as the Grits Capital of Georgia and is home to the annual National Grits Festival.

Georgia also has an official dog (the adoptable dog), creed (Georgian’s creed), and atlas (Atlas of Georgia).

Georgia is the only state with an official school and historic house. Plains High School was attended by future pResident Jimmy Carter. The Old Governor’s Mansion in Milledgeville was spared from destruction during the Civil War.

Georgia is among the states with an official tartan. The Georgia Tartan is based on a historic European design. The colors blue, green, and red represent the sky, forests and Georgia’s rich red clay.

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