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Georgia Symbols of the Arts

The arts are well represented among Georgia’s symbols. It is the only state with an official ballet (Atlanta Ballet).

Ballet Atlanta Ballet 1973
Waltz Our Georgia 1951
Folk Dance square dance Redundant Symbol 1996
Historic Drama The Reach of Song 1990
Folk Life Play Swamp Gravy 1994
Theatre The Springer Opera House 1971
Musical Theatre Jekyll Island Musical Theatre Festival 1993
Georgia Folk Festival The Georgia Folk Festival 1992
‘Possum Pogo ’Possum (Didelphis-virginiana) 2002
Atlas Atlas of Georgia 1985
Art Museum Georgia Museum of Art 1982
Georgia Symbols of the Arts

Georgia also has an official waltz, theatre, musical theatre, historic drama, folk life play (Swamp Gravy), and folk festival. It even has an official art museum.

One of Georgia’s most beloved symbols is Pogo ’Possum, a popular cartoon character named the official ’possum.

Pogo was a witty character who was surrounded by a variety of swamp creatures, including an alligator named Albert. Pogo’s most famous words were an omen of climate change: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

Georgia’s state song, “Georgia On My Mind,” may be even better known than Pogo. It is one of the most familiar state songs, and the most familiar version was recorded by Ray Charles.

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