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Florida State Mammal

Florida State Mammal

Florida has five official mammals. The Alligator State’s official state animal is the Florida panther. (The alligator was designated the state reptile.) The bottle-nosed dolphin (or “porpoise”) is Florida’s official saltwater mammal. The manatee was named the official marine mammal, though it also occurs in freshwater.

State mammal

Florida’s symbols also include two domestic mammals, the cracker horse and cracker cattle. Both are descended from animals introduced long ago by the Spanish. Early Florida cowboys were also called “crackers.”

Below is a picture of a painting of a Cracker horse by Frederic Remington that was published in 1895. The cowboy can probably be considered a Cracker, and the dog is quite likely a Cracker dog as well. Of course, there wouldn’t have been much need for cracker horses and cracker dogs without cracker cattle, which were designated a state symbol in 2018.

Florida State Mammal
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