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Florida Earth Symbols

Florida State FossilLeft to right: Eocene heart urchin, moonstone, and dugong.

Florida’s state gem and stone are a little confusing.

The gem is the moonstone, which was adopted in honor of the landing of American astronauts on the moon. Ironically, the moonstone isn’t found in Florida. Nor is it found on the moon.

Florida’s state stone is agatized coral. More precisely, it’s fossil coral. Shouldn’t it therefore be the state fossil instead?

Some have suggested that Florida’s state fossil should be a prehistoric sea urchin. Others favor a prehistoric dugong, an animal similar to the manatee.

Florida’s most important ecosymbol is probably its state soil, Myakka fine sand. It’s one of more than 400 kinds of soils found in Florida.

Soil ˆ

Florida State Soil

Florida’s state soil is Myakka fine sand. Unique to Florida, it occurs in more than one-and-a-half million acres of flatwoods, making it the single most extensive soil in the state.

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