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Florida Cultural Symbols

Florida has about two dozen official cultural symbols. About a third of them are symbols of the arts, which are explored on another page.

Cultural Symbols  
Food Key Lime Pie 2006
Dessert strawberry shortcake 2023
Honey Tupelo honey 2016
Beverage orange juice 1967
Rodeo Silver Spurs Rodeo (Osceola County) 1994
Hall of Fame The Florida Sports Hall of Fame, Lake City, Columbia County 1999
Flagship Western Union 2012
Maritime Museum Admiral John H. Fetterman State of Florida Maritime Museum and Research Center 2006
Railroad Museum The Orange Blossom Special Railroad Museum 1984
Air Fair Event Central Florida Air Fair 1976
Transportation Museum The Florida Museum of Transportation and History, Fernandina Beach 1985
Festival Event Calle Ocho Open House 1980
Renaissance Festival Event Italian Renaissance Festival 1994
Citrus Archive The Florida Citrus Archives 2001
Moving Image Center and Archive The Louis Wolfson II Media History Center, Inc, Miami 1989
Litter Control Symbol Keep Florida Beautiful, Incorporated, service mark 1978
Anthem Florida, Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky 2008
Song I Am Florida 2013
Poem I Am Florida 2013
Opera Program The Greater Miami Opera Association; the Orlando Opera Company, Incorporated; and the Florida State University School of Music 1983
Fiddle Contest Event Florida State Fiddlers’ Association 1989
Band The St. Johns River City Band 1990
Pageant Indian River, Brevard County 1979
Play Cross and Sword 1973
Language English Redundant Symbol 1988
Florida Cultural Symbols

No beating around the bush—I have a weakness for the Sunshine State’s official food and dessert, key lime pie and strawberry shortcake. However, most people would probably find the state rodeo and flagship more exciting. I would love to check out the official state festival, Calle Ocho Open House, some day.

Unfortunately, not all of Florida’s symbols are as exciting. Do you have an urge to visit the state’s official citrus archive?

Getting back on track, key lime pie is associated with the keys—tiny islands stretching south from the tip of Florida into the sea. Limes are related to Florida’s celebrity fruit, which also spawned the official beverage, orange juice.

Yet another plant symbol of sorts is Tupelo honey. That’s right; Florida is the only state with an official state honey.

Tupelo honey is produced by three species of tupelo trees that grow in the southeastern United States. This very special honey is harvested by specialized beekeepers, mostly along the Apalachichola River.

Orange juice and Tupelo honey
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