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Delaware State Insect

Delaware State InsectLeft to right: tiger swallowtail, convergent ladybug and stonefly. (Ladybug: By Katja Schulz from Washington, D. C., USA – Convergent Ladybeetle, CC BY 2.0, link. Stonefly: By JJ Harrison ( – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0link.)

Tiny Delaware has three official state insects!

Designating the convergent ladybug the official state “bug” was a dumb move. It’s an insect, not a bug! Calling the stonefly the official “macroinvertebrate” is kind of weird, too. A macroinvertebrate is an invertebrate that’s big enough to see with the naked eye. Ladybugs are macroinvertebrates, too.

The tiger swallowtail makes a fine state butterfly, however.

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