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Colorado Earth Symbols

Colorado’s earth symbols are rooted primarily in the Rocky Mountains.

Earth Symbols
Mineral rhodochrosite 2002
Gemstone aquamarine 1971
Rock Yule marble 2004
Fossil † Stegosaurus 1982
Soil Seitz (unofficial) Unofficial
Colorado Earth SymbolsA piece of rhodochrosite and an aquamarine gem are in the bottom right corner. Behind them is Colorado’s Garden of the Gods.

Some have noted that Colorado’s state mineral, rock and gemstone boast the colors of Colorado’s flag—red, white and blue.

The state rock is Yule marble. Most specimens of rhodochrosite (the state mineral) are actually pink, rather than red.

Colorado’s state gemstone shares its name with its color—aquamarine. One of the most famous deposits is on Mt. Antero, Colorado’s tenth highest mountain.

Fossil ˆ

Colorado State FossilWelcome to Dinosaur National Monument! Of course, the area looked very different when stegosaurs lived there, about 150 million years ago.

Colorado’s official fossil might be considered a symbol of the Southwest. Remains of the now famous dinosaur Stegosaurus were first found in Colorado, in rocks of the Colorado Plateau.

Soil ˆ

Colorado’s unofficial state soil is called Seitz.

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