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Colorado Cultural Symbols

Colorado’s cultural symbols focus largely on outdoor sports and getting high in the Rockies.

Cultural Symbols  
Tartan 1997
Pets rescue dogs and cats 2013
Summer Heritage Sport pack burro racing 2012
Winter Recreational Sports Snowboarding and Skiing 2008
Museum Air and Space Museum 1997
Song Rocky Mountain High 2007
Folk Dance square dance Redundant Symbol 1992
Language English Redundant Symbol 1988
Colorado Cultural SymbolsThe official Colorado tartan is pictured on the left. My vision of a Colorado tartan is pictured on the right.

Snowboarding and skiing are Colorado’s official recreational sports. Pack burro racing is the official summer heritage sport.

Colorado has a second state song, “Rocky Mountain High.” It was written by John Denver. It’s just a coincidence that he shared his last name with the name of Colorado’s capital.

Colorado’s official tartan features the colors forest green, cerulean blue and lavender, separated by black bands and white stripes.

The tartan was designed by Rev. John B. Pahls in 1995 and adopted by the state in 1997. The symbolism is described in House Joint Resolution 97-1016:

Two of Colorado’s most redundant symbols are its official folk dance (square dance) and language (English). Some have also objected to Colorado’s state motto, Nil Sine Numin (“Nothing Without Providence”), which is a religious motto.

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