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Arizona Cultural Symbols

Arizona’s roster of cultural symbols range from cool to tacky.

Cultural Symbols  
Colors blue and gold 1915
Neckwear bolo tie 1973
Tartan Arizona 1995
Drink lemonade 2019
Language English Redundant Symbol 2006
Firearm Colt single-action Army revolver 2011
Arizona Cultural Symbols

One of Arizona’s coolest symbols is the bolo tie, its official neckwear. The bolo tie also represents New Mexico and Texas, but Arizona adopted it first.

Arizona is also among the states with an official tartan. The colors green and brown represent forests and desert. Azure, white, and yellow represent copper, silver, and gold, respectively. Red stands for Native Americans, while the red, white, and green stripes represent the Mexican population.

Arizona’s other cultural symbols are a little lame. Its newest symbol is lemonade, which became the official state drink in 2019.

Lemonade could represent just about any state with hot summers. Even worse is Arizona’s official language, which represents many states, from New England to California. Can you guess what that language is?


Some people are offended by Arizona’s state motto, Ditat Deus. It’s a religious motto. Ironically, the words aren’t English!

However, the biggest stinker is Arizona’s official firearm, the Colt single-action Army revolver.

Arizona was the second state to adopt an official firearm, a trend that disturbs many people.

For some, the Colt revolver represents the romance of the Wild West. But the Wild West also had a dark side.

Countless Native Americans were murdered by white intruders armed with Colt revolvers. White settlers themselves were often murdered by bandits and other bad guys armed with Colt revolvers.

The settling of the West was also an environmental disaster. Handguns (including revolvers) weren’t commonly used to hunt bison (“buffalo”) or other big game. However, they still recall the awful destruction that changed America forever.

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