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Arkansas Earth Symbols

Arkansas Earth SymbolsQuartz (left) and bauxite.

Arkansas is well known for its underground treasure, including caves and hot water springs.

Earth Symbols
Mineral quartz crystal 1967
Gemstone diamond 1967
Rock bauxite 1967
Dinosaur † Arkansaurus fridayi 2017
Soil Stuttgart 1997
Arkansas Earth Flag

Arkansas’ flag displayed a white diamond even before the diamond was named the official state gemstone. Arkansas’ unique flag backs up its status as the only state where diamonds have been found. To me, the color red further recalls the nickname Hot Water State. It would be one of the nicest state flags if the word “ARKANSAS” was removed.

Arkansas may be even better known for its fabulous quartz crystals. The quartz crystal was named the official mineral. Come to think of it, the white diamond on the flag also resembles a quartz crystal.

Though less familiar, bauxite is of great commercial value. A valuable source of aluminum, it was adopted as the state rock. However, bauxite mining has declined since World War II.

Fossil ˆ

Arkansas State Fossil

Arkansas is one of the few states east of the Missouri River with an official state dinosaur. The scientific name Arkansaurus fridayi honors the man who discovered it, Joe Friday. It appears to be the only dinosaur whose fossils have been discovered in Arkansas.

Soil ˆ

Arkansas’ official state soil is Stuttgart. The state’s famous grapes, pecans, and tomatoes are closely tied to its rich soils.

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