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Arkansas Cultural Symbols

Arkansas does not have the most exciting cultural symbols.

Cultural Symbols  
Historic Cooking Vessel Dutch Oven 2001
Beverage milk Redundant Symbol 1985
Musical Instrument fiddle 1985
Folk Dance square dance Redundant Symbol 1991
Language English Redundant Symbol 1987
Flag Salute 1953
Creed 1972
Cultural SymbolsArmed with a fiddle, Dutch oven and Bowie knife, these square dancers are ready to cut up the dance floor.

Arkansasawyers adopted three of the most boring state symbols—milk, the square dance, and English. Another symbol that deserves a pass is its official flag pledge.

Arkansas is one of three states that designated the Dutch oven a state symbol. It shares its official musical instrument, the fiddle, with three other states.

Arkansas also has an official creed.

There has been at least one attempt to adopt the Bowie knife as a state symbol. Most Arkansawyers are probably glad that effort failed.

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