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Alaska Earth Symbols

Alaska State Mineral

Gold and jade are Alaska’s state mineral and gem, respectively. Alaska Natives have long carved tools and works of art out of jade. Alaska even has a Jade Mountain.

However, Alaska is much more closely associated with gold. The Klondike Gold Rush (1896-1899) had an enormous impact on Alaska. Gold is also represented on Alaska’s beautiful state flag.

Fossil ˆ

Alaska State Fossil(By Mauricio Antón; Creative Commons, CC BY 2.5 license — link
Note: I cropped this image.)

What could Alaska’s state fossil be but the woolly mammoth? Mammoth remains in the Far North sometimes include flesh. How would you like a 10,000-year-old hamburger?

Soil ˆ

Vast areas of Alaska are underlain by permafrost, making its unofficial state soil, Tanana, all the more precious. Although the 49th state is not an agricultural giant, it is known for the giant vegetables grown in south-central Alaska.

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