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Russia Symbols

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Welcome to Russia!

To Westerners, the most familiar Russian symbol may be the “Russian bear,” a nickname inspired by the Eurasian brown bear. (This is the same species that is commonly called a grizzly bear in North America.)

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Flag and Coat of Arms

Though Russia doesn’t have a national bird, some sources cite the double-headed eagle that served as the official emblem of the Russian state until the fall of the monarchy in 1917.

Russia’s national flower is the chamomile (aka camomile), a popular medicinal plant. Its white petals complement the national tree, the birch.

The birch is a symbol of youthful beauty.

In Russia, the birch is popularly associated with young women. The branches resemble a woman’s long hair, while the inflorescenes are reminiscent of earrings. The white bark recalls a bride’s wedding dress.

Wikipedia cites the Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) and apple as Russia’s national tree and fruit, respectively. However, these don’t appear to be authentic symbols, though the apple is reportedly Russia’s most popular fruit.

Russians are renowned for their love of music, dance, and poetry. Alexander Pushkin is sometimes hailed as the national poet. Russia is also associated with several dance genres and musical instruments. The most iconic instrument for Westerners may be the balalaika.

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