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United States

The word that best describes most of the literature swirling around the United States symbols is probably patriotic.

National Motto (original) E Pluribus Unum (“One Out of Many”)
National Motto #2 In God We Trust
National Anthem “Star-Spangled Banner”
National March “The Stars and Stripes Forever”
Oath of Allegiance Pledge of Allegiance
National Flower rose
National Tree oak
National Bird bald eagle
National Mammal bison
My State Symbols Book

Citizens who died in wars ranging from the American Revolution to Iraq died for their flag, even if they didn’t have a clue what they were fighting for. Every year, millions of school children obediently stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Adults attending sporting events—often held in tax-subsidized stadiums—similarly stand for the “Star-Spangled Yawner.”

Why do we have two national mottoes? And why is one of them a religious motto when we’re supposedly guaranteed freedom of religion (which includes freedom from religion)? Do I smell a conspiracy?

Even some of the mainstream media whores who ridicule conspiracy theory talk about a national square dance conspiracy. The chief conspirator was supposedly Henry Ford.

As you have probably guessed by now, my book isn’t like the others. Though I love our original national motto (E Pluribus Unum), I’m not a big fan of most U.S. national symbols. My book is a mixture of facts, theories, and opinions, spiced with a lot of irreverence.

U.S. Symbols will hopefully be published by the end of September, 2022. It may not be politically correct enough for mainstream booksellers, so it might be available only via my websites.

Great Seal of the U.S. Great Seal of the U.S. (reverse)
Above, Left: Great Seal of the U.S.; Above, Right: Reverse of Great Seal (a major conspiracy theory icon); Right: U.S Coat of Arms U.S. Coat of Arms
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