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National & State Songs

What would a country be without a flag and a national anthem? Official songs are hardly limited to countries, though.

United States ˆ


Every state but New Jersey has at least one official song, generally known as the “state song.” However, a few states designate their favorite song the official “anthem.”

On this site, these “primary state songs” are classified with flags and mottoes as symbols of state.

However, many states have additional official songs that might be more correctly classified as cultural symbols.

The table below lists primary state songs only. As time allows, I’ll add a second table listing the remaining state songs.

List of State Songs
State Song Designation
Alabama Alabama 1931
Alaska Alaska’s Flag 1955
Arizona Arizona March Song Anthem 1919
Arizona Arizona Alternate Anthem 1981
Arkansas Arkansas Anthem 1987
  Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me) 1987
  Oh, Arkansas 1987
California I Love You, California 1951
Colorado Where the Columbines Grow 1915
  Rocky Mountain High 2007
Connecticut Yankee Doodle 1978
Delaware Our Delaware 1925
Florida The Swanee River (Old Folks at Home) 1935
Georgia Georgia on My Mind 1979
Hawaii Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī Anthem 1967
Idaho Here We Have Idaho 1931
Illinois Illinois 1925
Indiana On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away 1913
Iowa The Song of Iowa 1911
Kansas Home on the Range 1947
Kentucky My Old Kentucky Home 1986
Louisiana Give Me Lousiana 1970
Maine State of Maine Song 1937
Maryland Maryland, My Maryland 1939
Massachusetts All Hail to Massachusetts 1981
Michigan My Michigan 1937
Minnesota Hail! Minnesota! 1945
Mississippi Go, Mississippi 1962
Missouri Missouri Waltz 1949
Montana Montana 1945
Nebraska Beautiful Nebraska 1967
Nevada Home Means Nevada 1933
New Hampshire Old New Hampshire 1949
New Mexico O’ Fair New Mexico 1917
New York I Love New York 2009
North Carolina The Old North State 1927
North Dakota North Dakota Hymn 1947
Ohio Beautiful Ohio 1969
Oklahoma Oklahoma Anthem 1953
Oregon Oregon, My Oregon 1927
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1990
Rhode Island Rhode Island’s It For Me 1996
South Carolina Carolina 1911
  South Carolina on My Mind 1984
South Dakota Hail, South Dakota 1943
Tennessee My Homeland, Tennessee 1925
Texas Texas, Our Texas 1929
Utah Utah, This is the Place 2003
Vermont These Green Mountains 2000
Virginia Carry Me Back to Old Virginia Song Emeritus 1997
Washington Washington, My Home 1959
West Virginia West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home 1963
Wisconsin On, Wisconsin 1959
Wyoming Wyoming 1955

Canada ˆ

List of Provincial Songs
Province Song Designation
Alberta Alberta Anthem 2001
Newfoundland Ode to Newfoundland Anthem
Nova Scotia Farewell to Nova Scotia Song
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