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Misc. Nature Symbols

National Ecosymbols ˆ

Many countries have rivers, mountains, and other features that can be regarded as unofficial symbols. Brazil is popularly associated with the Amazon River, for example.

U.S. State Ecosymbols ˆ

Several states have made unique symbolic designations that are a little hard to classify. Actually, eight of the ten symbols listed below can be classified under water or stars.

State Symbol Designation
Alabama Little River Wild and Scenic River 1969
Delaware Delaware Diamond Star 2000
Indiana Wabash River River 1996
  water Beverage 2007
Nebraska Platte River River 1998
Nevada neon Element 2019
New Hampshire Old Man of the Mountain Emblem 1945
Oklahoma Rosette Nebula Astronomical Object 2019
Utah Dubhe Centennial Star 1996
  The Beehive Cluster located in the constellation Cancer the Crab Astronomical Symbol 1996
Washington Palouse Falls Waterfall 2014

Water ˆ

State RiversThe Platte (top) and Washington State’s Palouse Falls frame a glass of water from Indiana.

Alabama, Indiana, and Nebraska have official state rivers, while Washington has an official waterfall. Indiana also calls water its official beverage.

As a native of West Dakota, I’m a big fan of Nebraska’s Platte River, which is popularly associated with majestic sandhill cranes. Washington’s Palouse Falls is a reminder of Ice Age floods that were downright apocalyptic.

Stars ˆ

State StarsTwo states rally behind the Big Dipper.

Delaware calls the Delaware Diamond its official state star. In 1996, Dubhe was adopted as Utah’s official centennial star. At the same time, the Beehive Cluster located in the constellation Cancer the Crab was named the official astronomical symbol.

Oklahoma’s State Star

Oklahoma joined the club in 2019 when the Rosette Nebula was designated its official astronomical object. Located about 5,000 light years away in the Monoceros (aka unicorn) constellation, the heavenly symbol resembles the flower it’s named for, the rose.

Oklahomans with a good pair of binoculars can reportedly view the Rosette Nebula from their backyards.

Other Symbols ˆ

Nature SymbolsSin City (Las Vegas) thrives while Old Man of the Mountain (right) is no more.

Nevada is the only state with an official element, neon. A rock formation popularly known as Old Man of the Mountain serves as New Hampshire’s official emblem. Sadly, the formation collapsed in 2003.

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