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New State Symbols

After creating a page that keeps tabs on New State Symbols Proposals, I decided to create a similar page monitoring new symbols that have been officially adopted.

Flags ˆ

Mississippi adopted a new state flag in 2021, but hold the applause. The Confederate insignia is gone, replaced with the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”? Religious bigotry aside, if you’re going to spend years wringing your hands over flag design contests and proposals, why not learn the basics of flag design and get it right?

While gearing up to adopt a new state flag, Utah legislators adopted an official commemorative flag in 2021. Utah and Minnesota now have new state flags.

State Birds ˆ

The golden eagle became Utah’s official bird of prey in early 2022.

Earlier this year (2022), the sandhill crane was designated Nebraska’s official migratory bird. (See the Proclamation.)

Other EcoSymbols ˆ

State animals aren’t the only act in town, of course. The sandhill plum has been designated Kansas’ official state fruit.

In 2023, California adopted an official bat (pallid bat) and mushroom (California golden chanterelle).

Cultural Symbols ˆ

Baseball became New York’s official sport in 2021. Wakeboarding became Michigan’s state sport way back in 1972—or did it?

Several websites make that claim, including Wikipedia. However, I haven’t been able to corroborate the claim, suggesting that it is just another Wikipedia-spanwed internet rumor.

David W. Blomstrom, Sept. 25, 2022

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