While Mississippians savor their new state flag, citizens in a few other states are anxious to abolish their tawdry banners.

There has been talk about adopting new flags in Maine and Massachusetts, but they appear to have fallen off the radar. However, a quest for a new flag representing Utah is getting a lot of press. Minnesotans seek to adopt a new state flag and seal both. As a bonus, there’s talk about designating a prehistoric black bear-sized beaver the state fossil. The competition includes the trilobite Dikelocephalus minnesotensis.

But Utahns are one step ahead; the golden eagle is now Utah’s official bird of prey.

Some Floridians aren’t happy with their state bird, claiming the mockingbird represents too many other states to really represent Florida. There’s agitation for a new state bird, with the osprey and scrub jay reported as contenders.

State animals aren’t the only act in town, of course. The sandhill plum has been designated Kansas’ official state fruit. One legislator wants to make the date shake California’s official milkshake. The Herskey’s kiss could become Pennsylvania’s official state candy.

But sand plums and milkshakes aren’t as newsworthy as flags. With Confederate symbols under attack, do you think it’s a little odd that no one is criticizing Washington State’s flag, which depicts a SLAVE OWNER (George Washington)? What do you think about my proposal?

And what do you think about the flag designers in Mississippi who marred their new flag with the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST”? I mean, if you’re going to spend years wringing your hands over flag design contests and proposals, why not learn the basics of flag design and get it right?

David W. Blomstrom, April 17, 2022

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