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About Geobop Symbols

Welcome to my world symbols site, launched on April 17, 2022. A subdomain of, it replaces GeoSymbols, which was long the most popular state symbols site on the Internet.

More than three decades in the making, I plan to publish five state symbols references, along with a book about the United States’ national symbols. (See Books.) In fact, I have already published four books in the series.

More than merely document symbols as a passive observer, I have plenty of criticism (along with some praise here and there). I’m one of the leading advocates of creating new state flags that are at least competently designed. Ironically, two of the worst are the flags of my native South Dakota (which looks like a collage of billboards) and Washington, where I currently live. Why the media continually harp about Confederate symbols while ignoring the SLAVE OWNER on Washington’s flag? Moreover, Washington never even set foot west of the Missouri River!

You can see my Washington state flag proposal at

The primary font used on this website is Inter. The font used for the website title (“Geobop’s Symbols”) is Bandbox. Actay is used for the site tagline and page titles.

Taboo Symbols ˆ

This site focuses primarily on symbols representing nations, states, provinces, etc. But what about counties and communities?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or energy to tackle municipal symbols. Nor am I up to the challenge of document symbols on license plates, currency, and stamps.

Symbology is a vast subject. The words we say can even be considered symbols. There are many fine websites and books to explore if you have a broader interest in symbols.

However, there are a few non-state symbols I will discuss on this website. Two of my favorites are the pyramid with the all-seeing eye and the swastika. The first one ranks as one of the most popular icons in conspiratology.

The swastika is of special interest because it demonstrates the power of symbols. It’s essentially a stylized star that has been a motif in Asia for centuries, particularly in Buddhism and Hinduism. It also served as an insignia in Finland’s armed forces.

Then came World War II, when Germany was represented by a flag featuring a swastika. The flag was designed by an art student turned political leader named Adolf Hitler.

Caught between the capitalist West and the Marxist Soviet Union, Germany was defeated. The war was followed by a vicious propaganda blitz which branded Hitler and his National Socialists as evil incarnate.

Today, it is illegal to display a swastika in Germany. But what about free speech?

The situation really isn’t much different in the U.S. Though displaying a swastika is legal, U.S. citizens are so brainwashed, they regard the swastika as the mark of the beast. Displaying a swastika will likely get you punched in the nose, or worse. In Asia, entertainers who wear costumes displaying their traditional swastika are roundly condemned by Jews.

Genocidal FlagsBelieve it or not, all three of these flags have been associated with genocide. Stranger still, the “Nazi” flag may be the only underserving of the charge.

The arrogance and hypocrisy are frankly mind boggling. If we are to condemn the swastika because of a flag that flew over Germany for a brief span of time, shouldn’t we also condemn the Christian cross, which has presided over centuries of warfare and religious strife? And what about Israel’s Star of David, which flies over a quasi-legal state that has replaced South Africa as the Land of Apartheid? Believe it or not, Israeli Jews and their Zionist supporters around the world are also guilty of genocide.

There’s a lot to think about. What’s the truth about World War II, Adolf Hitler, and the Holocaust? Can symbols really be good or evil? If we should condemn the swastika, shouldn’t we also condemn our own (U.S.) flag, which played a major role in the American Holocaust?

I’m a big fan of historical accuracy and free speech. What do you think?

If you want to learn more about the pyramid and the all-seeing eye and the swastika, stay tuned for my books Conspiracy Science and World War True.

Two Dynamic BooksAs they say, truth is stranger than fiction.
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