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Cultural Symbols

My classification scheme divides national / state symbols into four broad categories—names and nicknames, symbols of state, ecosymbols (Nature symbols), and cultural symbols. If it isn’t a nickname, flag, motto, plant, animal, or mineral, you’ll probably find it here.

Cultural symbols are in turn divided into three subcategories. For lack of a better name, I call the larger category “local culture.” The other categories are symbols of the arts and political symbols.

Follow the links above to learn more about a particular subcategory of cultural symbols.

Below is a list of Canada’s provincial cultural symbols, other than tartans.

List of Canadian Provincial Cultural Symbols
Province Symbol Designation
Alberta blue and gold (or deep yellow) Colors 1984
Ontario green and gold Colors
Saskatchewan curling Sport 2001
Northwest Territories mace   2000
Nova Scotia mace   1930
Nova Scotia Bluenose II Sailing Ambassador
New Brunswick Picture Province Fishing Fly 1993
Northwest Territories inuksuk
Prince Edward Island wordmark Wordmark
Saskatchewan wheat sheaf 1977
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