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About Geobop Symbols

Welcome to my world symbols site, launched on April 17, 2022. A subdomain of, it replaces GeoSymbols, which was long the most popular state symbols site on the Internet.

More than three decades in the making, I plan to publish five state symbols references, along with a book about the United States’ national symbols. (See Books.) In fact, I have already published four books in the series.

More than merely document symbols as a passive observer, I have plenty of criticism (along with some praise here and there). I’m one of the leading advocates of creating new state flags that are at least competently designed. Ironically, two of the worst are the flags of my native South Dakota (which looks like a collage of billboards) and Washington, where I currently live. Why the media continually harp about Confederate symbols while ignoring the SLAVE OWNER on Washington’s flag? Moreover, Washington never even set foot west of the Missouri River!

You can see my Washington state flag proposal at

The primary font used on this website is Inter. The font used for the website title (“Geobop’s Symbols”) is Bandbox. Actay is used for the site tagline and page titles.