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Sorry, this page is under construction. This site will be under heavy construction for some time.

I will keep you posted on my progress at Progress Report.

Symbols of State Home Symbols of State Home

The most indispensable symbol of statehood, or nationhood, has to be the flag. Can you imagine a country without one?

Let’s take a brief tour of flags of the world.

National Flags ˆ

U.S. State Flags ˆ

It will be a while before I can finish this section. In the meantime, I just created a new flag page for each state (e.g. Alaska State Flag. As time allows, I will post some information about each state’s flag. Many flag pages will also feature information about new state flag proposals.

If you have a special interest in the growing controversy swirling around state flags, check out my book Flag Quest: The Search for Respectable State Flags..